(Late) Power Poll: December 1st

Sometimes I forget this is kind of a sports blog.  Nothing says “sports blog” or “easy content” more than a power poll, so without further ado; the first belated StylePoints Power Poll.

10.  Socks:  We’re nearing the end of fall in the northern hemisphere.  Wear them.  Sockless in the summer = steez.  Sockless in scarf weather = affectation.

9.   Juan Manuel Marquez

It's true.

7.  Bow-tie Thursdays

6.  Scrooged on near-constant loop on AMC.  I guess those six episodes of The Walking Dead broke the bank.

5.  Five is the number of souls Blake Griffin has stolen this season.  Timofey Mozgov is now condemned to walk the earth for all of eternity.

4.  Tampering allegations

3.  The Sanchize

2.  Saying “Timofey”

1.  Layering without sweating

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